PMMC Tower Run
Frequently Asked Questions



Yes! Our ride will consist of public roads.
PMMC will not be inspecting bikes, so It is YOUR responsibility to ensure that your machine is compliant with all state and federal regulations. PMMC will not be responsible for any fines recieved during the event.

Does my bike need to be street legal?

Yes! Since this event is sanctioned by the AMA, all participants will be required to have either a full AMA membership or a one -event pass.

Do I need an AMA Membership to participate?

Is there a fee to camp?

No! All camping is primative but FREE of charge.

Does my bike need a spark arrestor?

While we prefer that our guest (especially those riding 4-strokes) use spark arrestors, it is not a requirement.

If I pre-enter and then later decide not to participate can I recieve a refund?

Due to the rapid investment of pre-entry revenue PMMC WILL NOT refund any pre-entries received.

Yes! GPS files will be available or download when you register on-site at the event. 

Are There GPS Tracks Available?

Can I ride both Dual Sport and Adventure routes?

Yes! You are welcome to ride Dual Sport route one day and the Adventure route the next, or vice-versa. We only ask that you not swap mid-day without first notifying one of the PMMC club members.

Can we come back to ride the PMMC trails after the event?

No. This event is held on a mix of PMMC's private leased land, national forrest and a handful of privately owned properties. For this reason, the routes used for this event are one-time use. You are welcome to come back to attend one of PMMC's many events hosted year-round.  

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