PMMC is located in the heart of Alabama, at Reynolds Pasture. The physical location is 20 miles west of I-65 on Hwy 22. (Actually on Chilton County Road 26, just of off Hwy 22). 

The clubhouse is located in Reynolds Pasture. Where we have access to several thousand acres of prime riding area. (Ask any non-local rider, about any of our events, and most would swear we have miles and miles of land, but most events never venture more than a few miles from the clubhouse).The terrain varies from rich black soil, to red-yellow clay, lots of sand, a few rock outcroppings, with just the right mixture of hills, valleys, creeks and open pasture.The late Al Baker, of Honda 4-Stroke fame, once rode one of our ISDT Qualifiers back in the 70's (before bark busters). At the end of day one, back in the Parc Ferme, with red stains coming thru his gloves, he commented, that he didn't know that "God" grew trees so close together. 

The PMMC is blessed with great terrain to pick from and with experienced "trail bosses." Our events become "must ride" for many competitors.The clubhouse is surrounded with open pasture for plenty of parking and a sandy bottom creek flowing through the middle. A great place to camp and the kids can enjoy the stream in the summer months.The area in front of the clubhouse has a mini-bike riding area that can be viewed from 85% of the campsites. The hills behind the clubhouse have ample areas to "warm up" or loosen up" for your ride. 

​​ Temperatures range from 30's - 60's from Dec thru Feb. with 60's - 80's in spring and fall, and temperature of 80's - 90's in July and August.